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About Hanks Meat & Game

Meet the skilled artisan behind the counter, a butcher extraordinaire with a passion for quality and a taste for excellence. Winner of the Apprentice Butcher of the Year in 2003, a finalist in BBC 3's Young Butcher of the Year, and consistently recognized as the Best Game Butcher, our expert boasts a rich legacy in the world of meat craftsmanship.

With a family-run butcher shop, our focus revolves around local produce – from the succulent Longhorn beef matured for 28 days to the finest cuts of lamb, pork, poultry, and a diverse range of game sourced from Herefordshire shoots. But it doesn't stop there. Our homemade sausages, burgers, dry-cured bacon, and an array of pies and pastries showcase a dedication to the culinary arts.

Not just a local favorite, we supply esteemed establishments like restaurants, hotels, pubs, schools, and nursing homes. Our commitment extends to nationwide next-day delivery, ensuring that the taste of our exceptional meats reaches far and wide.

But behind the accolades lies a person deeply connected to the craft, someone who loves creating culinary experiences for others. So, step into our world of flavor, where expertise meets passion, and every cut tells a story of dedication to the art of butchery.

Our Ethos

Embracing local farms and championing community support is the cornerstone of our ethos. We take great pride in crafting virtually everything we sell, establishing a genuine bond with local farmers. This commitment not only elevates the quality of our products, but it also fortifies the connection with the exciting rural food landscape of the Three Counties.

Beef – Sourced within 3 miles of the shop in Ross on Wye, using traditional breeds such as pedigree Longhorn, Dexters and of course world famous Herefords. Matured and butchered in the traditional manner on site by our highly skilled team.

Lamb – Elaine Arthurs is a 4th generation farmer benefiting from the rich Herefordshire pastures, she provides us with breeds chosen to produce premium animals for the best flavour profile.

Pork -  We source our pork from Alexander and Angell Farms from Gloucestershire. They rear a cross between the two breeds: Landrace and Large White. The Landrace is known for producing lots of piglets and is characteristic in its longer loin which is optimal for the fork end of the supply chain. The Large white provide a hardy breed to cross with as it can sustain a variety of environmental factors.

Game – We are renowned for our quality local game which is available for mail order nationwide with our accolades including being national “Game Butcher of the Year” 3 years running. Sourcing from local estates and also Tim hunting and harvesting a portion of the game himself ensuring the quality is up to the highest standard that Hanks’ have become known for.

Deli – Producing the majority of our cooked goods on site, our skilled team use only the best fresh components available to us to create tasty meal ideas for our customers. By making our products in house we are able to take any special requests given 3 days notice.

Our insistence of making everything from scratch adds a distinctive touch to each item making it more than a distinctive purchase – is a reflection of our dedication to authenticity and supporting our local community collaboration.

We take pride in providing exceptional meat to both individuals and restaurants

Meet The Team

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John Doe

Head Butcher

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