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Hereford Muntjac is Back – Let’s get Cooking!


If you are reading this and wondering what on earth muntjac is: it’s a type of deer, lighter and generally less gamey than venison with a very low fat content and a wonderful taste which we would compare to rare beef. 

We get lots of muntjac in Herefordshire.

Originally they were from China but were brought to Bedfordshire in about 1900 by the Duke of Bedford on the Woburn Estate…they then escaped and have now spread around the country and are at their very best this time of year.

Escapes and deliberate releases have resulted in a fairly wide spread of wild Muntjac. Interesting fact – they are believed to be the oldest breed of deer with prehistoric remains found dating back to as long as 35 million years ago!

They are considered a serious threat to woodland management as they will eat almost any plant material and therefore they have to be managed by local game keepers to keep the population under control and manage herd health. 

At Hanks’ Meat & Game, we are well known for our famous ‘Jac in a Box’ and now is the time to announce its welcome return.

Muntjac has the mildest flavour of all the species. Yet it is far from bland; the right amount of iron and meatiness is balanced by a slight sweetness. But where muntjac comes into its own is the texture. Given normal hanging, it is by far the most tender and the ideal meat to introduce someone to venison as the most healthy red meat available.

Available to buy now in his Broad Street shop and online, Tim is delighted to offer a whole butchered muntjac for just £40 (excluding delivery).