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Hanks’ Meat & Game Welcome Trewen Dairy Milk Dispenser 


Hanks’ Meat and Game is delighted to have introduced a new milk dispenser in the Broad Street shop, enabling customers to get fresh milk in refillable glass bottles. 

Sourcing locally is extremely important to Tim and Great Trewen Dairy is situated in Witchurch, just three miles from the shop. 

Dairy farmers Heather and Tim Amos look after 140 head of British Holstein Friesian dairy cows on their family-run farm. 

Tim sells Trewen Dairy milk in glass reusable bottles with metal screw on tops, which are much Better for environment, he said 

“British Holstein Friesian herd are renowned for their superior creamy milk.  As a dairy breed, they are specifically suited to milk production. We are delighted that customers now have a town centre location to buy this fantastic locally-produced milk and we are extremely grateful to Heather and Tim for choosing us as their town centre outlet – There’s no more travelling six miles out of town to buy the milk and it’s great for us to be able to support local farmers and the British milk farming industry.” 

Trewen Dairy milk is pasteurised at 63 degrees, lower than the supermarkets which maintains a better flavour and drinking experience. The stainless-steel dispensers can be washed, so there’s absolutely no wastage. 

Customers can buy the reusable bottles from Hanks’ Meat & Game for £2.50 for a 1 litre bottle or £2.60 for a 500ml bottle.  It then costs £1.30 for a litre or 70p for 500ml to refill them. 

Heather Amos, Proprietor at Great Trewen’s Milk Shed added 

“We are delighted to be working with Tim to sell our milk to his customers helping them to be kinder to the environment in using refillable bottles.  Using our machine in the shop is a great alternative to paying over the odds and using bulky plastic cartons in supermarkets.  We are really grateful to Tim for his support of our dairy and can’t wait to see what people have to say about the quality of the milk.”